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Demo version

As an introduction to Perinorm and how it can help you, click here to view a short recorded demonstration.

If you like what you see in our recorded demo we would recommend that you register for a free trial of Perinorm. Please note that the trial version of Perinorm provides a good overview of how Perinorm can work for your organisation, but we do have some restrictions with the trial version:

  • The trial version will display a maximum of 1,000 records in the search results.
  • Demo users will have access to Perinorm Europe data.
  • The additional information contained in Perinorm International, for example, access to U.S. data is not available.
  • The ‘Export’ function is not enabled.
  • It provides single user access.
  • Full text documents are not included.


If you would like to test the ‘Export function, how Perinorm works with multi-users, how you could access full-text documents with Perinorm, or would be interested in an offline version of Perinorm (DVD format), you can choose between registering with AFNOR (France), with Beuth Verlag (Germany) or with BSI (UK).